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Funny Whatsapp Status

Funny Whatsapp Status Quotes

What A Beautiful Combo Of Smart Phones And Stupid People !
A Black Cat Is More Efficient Than A Red Light.
I Am Sick Of You, I Need Sick Leave.
Don’T Check My Status Repeatedly, I Am Off Line.
Don’T Check My Status Repeatedly, I Am Off Line.
I Look At People Sometimes And Think... Really??? That’S The Sperm That Won.
“Ladies First” Was Probably Invented By A Dude Who Enjoyed Admiring Women From Behind.
When I Die, I Want My Grave To Offer Free Wifi So That People Visit More Often.
My Life Is A Constant Cycle Of Waiting For The Weekend.
Sometimes I Forget How I Did Things Without A Smart Phone Like Get Directions, Find Recipes Or Have Insomnia.
Nothing Like Trying To Study To Make You Realize How Cool The Ceiling Looks.
You Never Have To Worry About Love At First Sight If You Steadfastly Keep Looking At Your Phone.


We Live In The Era Of Smartphones And Stupid Peoples.
I Love My Job Only When I’M On Vacation.
Awesome Ends With Me And Ugly Starts With U.
God Is Really Creative, I Mean...Just Look At Me.
My Study Period = 15 Minutes. My Break Time = 3 Hours.
I Think My iPhone Is Not Working. I Pressed The Home Button And I’M Still At School.
Behind Every Great Man Is A Woman Rolling Her Eyes.
Life Is Short…Smile While You Still Have Teeth.
If You Can’T Convince, Confuse All.
Some People Are Alive Only Because It’S Illegal To Kill Them.
I Work For Money, For Loyalty Hire A Dog.
Totally Available!! Please Disturb Me!!

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